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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Whale Watching Tours in Hawaii

Every winter, thousands of whales make their way from the Antarctic waters to the islands of Hawaii to give birth and nurture their young until they are big enough to fend for themselves. This delights the islanders as along with the whales, come enthusiastic whale watchers to enjoy sighting them and further boost the Hawaii tourism industry. The local economy thrives on the tourist trade and organising whale-watching trips to see these wonderful sea creatures nearby is a big boost for them.

Scientifically it is estimated that two-thirds of the humpback whales that inhabit the North Pacific pay a visit to Hawaii annually. Humpback whales can weigh as much as forty tons each and many of them grow as long as forty feet. When born a baby humpback whale may weigh as much as three thousand pounds and be as long as fifteen feet. They really are an awesome and very impressive sight when you do catch a glimpse of them.

When to visit Hawaii to watch Whales

From the middle of November, until towards the end of April there is whale sighting in Hawaii. The whale watching tours taking you out to find and observe these gentle cetaceans not only usually find whales, they also educate you on whale's habits and habitation. A feature of these whale watching trips is that a microphone is lowered into the water so that people on board the boats can listen to whale sounds. Even though male and female humpback whales both project multiple sounds, it is believed that only the male whale actually sends out songs.

It is not only visitors to the area that like to whale watch, the local inhabitants of Hawaii with their love of nature really enjoy looking out for them considering them as most intelligent sea creatures and a joy to watch.

The best places to see whales in Hawaii

Maui waters are considered excellent for whale watching trips as many whales gather, especially near the south and the west shore, particularly between the areas of Kihei, Lahaina, Wailea and Ka'anapali in the auau channel.

Big Island's Kona Coast is an area where the water is very deep near the shoreline and whales are often seen here as well.

Kauai located on the north shore at the Kilauea is another area that offers good sighting of whales.

Boats on whale watching tours are forbidden by conservation regulations to getting more than one hundred yards closer to the whales. However, this is quite near enough to see them clearly and to take some fabulous photographs.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vacation of a Lifetime - Hawaii

There couldn't be a more exotic and fun destination for vacation than the islands of Hawaii. Hawaii is a group of six islands in the North Pacific Ocean west of the United States - Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai. Each of these islands is as beautiful as the other. Everyone has their favorite island and you can visit multiple islands to explore each of them.

Beaches & Attractions
As you might have already guessed, there are tons of beaches in Hawaii. And what's more is that they are gorgeous. Of course, some beaches are better than others. Two of the best beaches that come to mind are Lanikai Beach of Oahu Island and Hanalei Bay Beach of Kauai Island. When the conditions are right, the waves on these beaches begin to soar high and make it an ideal spot for surfing. You can easily rent out a surfing board and you will find plenty of opportunity to learn and practice the skill of surfing. Other than surfing, there are more than a dozen sports and recreational activities you can indulge in on the beach such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and windsurfing. Every now and then a whale surfaces near the beach and you might be fortunate enough to catch the action. You can get an amazing aerial view of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii in the helicopter tours. Hiking and horseback riding are other great ways of enjoying your vacation in Hawaii. There are several spas peppered all across the island that help you wind down after a day of intense activity.

You do not want to miss the sunset in Hawaii; it is a beautiful view watching the orange ball of sun sink into the horizon of ocean. There are other attractions at Hawaii as well, such as national parks, golf courses, scuba diving and there is also a volcano in the Big Island.

Food & Drink
The local cuisine of Hawaii is diverse and delicious. Undoubtedly, there is plenty of sea food. But there are other dishes with beef, pork, and chicken as well. The list of mouth-watering dishes at Hawaii just goes on and on. You will enjoy the punches and tropical drinks over there; make sure to get a taste of it. If you are a consumer of alcohol, Hawaii will be your heaven. There is an eclectic variety of cocktails served near the beaches.

There are packaged tour deals that will take you through all the amazing attractions on the island. There are many hotels and resorts in the Hawaii islands. Some of them, with five-star services and located near beaches, parks and other attractions around the island, are the most beautiful resorts you will ever see. The better ones can be quite expensive but if you have sufficient budget, it might be well worth it. For those who cannot afford them, there are other options available such as hostels that tend to be extremely inexpensive. You should also be on a lookout for hotel deals that come out every now and then. You never know when you might be lucky to get a luxury hotel room without the heavy price tag.

Music & Culture
Hawaiian music is popular all around the world, but listening to it while reclining on the Hawaiian beaches is all the more enjoyable. There are a number of local Hawaiian festivals celebrated throughout the year and if you are lucky enough to catch one, it will definitely be a unique cultural experience. With so many great attractions and things to do in the island, it is no doubt the most popular place for honeymooning.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Experiencing an Unforgettable Trip to Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is the biggest as well as the youngest island in the Hawaiian chain. This island offers a vast canvas of backgrounds to discover with a range of unmatched natural wonders. It has Kilauea which is the most active volcano of the world, Maunakea which is the world's tallest sea mountain and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which is the largest park in the United States.

What can you do in Hawaii?

You can do deep sea fishing, Eco tours, horseback riding, dinner cruises, kayaking, and ATV rides in scenic mountainous terrain. You can also witness some of the most unmatched cultures of the world here. There are so many fun activities to participate in Hawaii that many first time visitors decide to visit again. However it is always better that you do your research prior to traveling Hawaii so that you make the best use of your time, effort and money.

Exploring Hawaii with Sightseeing Tours and Fun Activities

Here is a list of some of the activities that most tourists enjoy. You can select any of the activities according to your desire and preference.

Experiencing Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, which is the largest natural harbor in the United Sates, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hawaii. It is the only naval base in the US that has the distinction of a National Historical Landmark. By visiting Pearl Harbor you can learn about the historic events of World War II and get a chance to experience those times.

Visiting Haleakala

To ancient Hawaiians, Haleakala means House of the Sun. You can visit the active volcano at the Haleakala National Park. However you do not need to worry much as it is a non-erupting volcano, still the thrill will be unparalleled.

Seeing Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon, a 3500-foot deep canyon that is located on the western party o the Kauai Island would provide outstanding panoramic views of breathtaking peaks, rugged valleys and steep cliffs. The Grand Canyon of the Pacific offers a variety of unique sightseeing experience.


The salient waters of the seas surrounding Hawaii are full of an astonishing variety of game fish. Anglers all across the world gather in Hawaii with their finishing gears to show their skills in catching marlin, tuna and other types of sport fish.

Scuba Diving

If you take part in scuba diving in Hawaii, you can witness the amazing marine life that can only be found in Hawaii's waters. Experiencing the schools of sharks, myriads of fish, giant turtles, incredible underwater formations of lava, and coral reefs can be a great family activity.

Whale Watching

November to April is the peak whale watching season because it is the time of migration for many rare types of whales. If you visit Hawaii in this period, then you and your friends or family will have the rare chance to see the splendid humpback whale and it can surely make your tour unforgettable.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Timeshare Vacations In Mexico And Hawaii

Selecting Your Vacation Destination

It's fairly easy for people to get tired of vacationing at the same places year after year. No one's going to blame you for wanting to mix it up - in fact, that should be encouraged. But rather than seeing the opposite end of the coast this year, shake things up even more by heading south. Timeshare vacations in Mexico are affordable and a ton of fun. Or there's also Hawaii, a tropical world apart from all other locations in the United States.

Considering A Mexico vacation

Want to get a little exotic with your timeshare destination? You might enjoy a Mexico timeshare. Hollywood's portrayal of the North American country has resulted in it being made quite popular, and very often romanticized. Its new industrial buildings blend surprisingly well with its older ones, an effect that has made Mexico a refreshing blend of the modern and historic. Few locations can rival that of Mexico's architecture, a blend of ancient Spanish and Native influences.

The Appeal Of A Mexico timeshare

A Mexico timeshare could be a great vacation option for you, with properties available in the center of the country, as well as on the east and west coast. Even during peak seasons you can find a property that is affordable and well-located. Your vacation may include romantic beaches, scuba diving, or even a trip to Cozumel. If you're having trouble deciding on the kind of Mexico timeshare you want, there are companies specifically there to help you make your decision. With their aid, you'll be able to narrow down your choices, decide on the best one, and get the purchasing process started.

Vacationing In Hawaii timeshares

Hawaii is one of the best spots there is when it comes to buying a resort for your timeshare vacation. Many people have said that it is just as dreamy of a tropical getaway as it has been advertised to be. Anyone who wants to enjoy themselves in a tropical environment during their vacation should consider a trip to Hawaii. Princeville Resort in Kauai, the Embassy vacation Resort in Poipu Point, Kauai and Waiohai's Marriott Beach Clubs, and even more great locations will make for a vacation you're unlikely to ever forget.

Timeshare Locations In Hawaii

Hotel resorts in Hawaii make for some of the most gorgeous timeshare locations out there. The Hilton Hawaiian Village is set amongst beautiful surroundings; the Embassy vacation Resort is a beachfront resort near the tip of Kaanapali. If you're interested in beaches, Marriott has Beach Clubs set in Ko Olina, Waiohai, and Kauai. The Maui Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas feature a breathtaking lagoon, and suites that are at the height of comfort. Whether you'll be scuba diving or just peacefully enjoying the view, you'll be sure to have the time of your life while on a Hawaii timeshare vacation.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Coffee on Hawaii

Hawaiian Kona coffee is classified as a "variety of arabica", but it is usually known as Arabica-Kona Hawaiian coffee and it has a world fame as a high-quality drink. Kona coffee grows only on the west coast on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountain. Hundreds of small farms produce about 1 million pounds of blue-green beans per year.

How did the story of Kona coffee begin? Those times were very unstable, the business went up and down, the laws of immigration changed, and different people brought changes in the lives of Hawaii - the Chinese, the Portuguese, the Japanese, the Koreans - everybody contributed to the history of coffee. In 1825 King Kamehameha II, Queen Kamalumalu, Governor Oahu, and other leaders formed a delegation from the Islands of Hawaii and went to London. It was the first time they drank coffee there. Unfortunately, in London the King and the Queen contracted measles, and both died.

Hawaiian tribal chief Bogi was returning from London with the bodies of the King and the Queen. On the way home he stopped in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro where he bought his first coffee trees which are now known as Kona coffee. As soon as the tribal chiefs returned to Oahu, the trees were given to the settler from the East Indies - John Wilkinson. He planted the plants in the Manoa Valley on Oahu. Unfortunately, throughout his life, Wilkinson could not grow coffee trees. They grew badly, there was no harvest. In 1928, Father Samuel Lugress took one coffee tree with him on a large island and planted it on his parcel for beauty, because coffee flowers smell good and look like snow on the bushes.

To his great surprise, the trees began to grow rapidly and the branches were covered with beans. Within a few years, people began to plant trees throughout the territory in Kona. Climate, altitude, everything was favorable for the growth of coffee. So it developed to a great industry and now the west coast of the island is both travel and coffee production. The territory which it grows on is called "coffee belt".

Coffee grows at an altitude of 300-800 meters above sea level. The soil is rich in minerals, there is practically no wind, the temperature is moderate, the difference between day and night temperature is small, and all this creates favorable conditions for beans ripening. When the coffee blossoms, one might think that the trees on the mountains are covered with snow, but this snow smells good and makes a good harvest of coffee beans.

The period of blossoming is called "Kona Snow" and it lasts only 3 days. The harvest season lasts from September to February. Every red berry is picked by hand, machines for collecting coffee cherries are not used here. It takes about 3.5 pounds of coffee cherries to make a half kilo of roasted coffee. All the harvest is collected in bags and transported to the factory for cleaning, washing, drying, and roasting. Until the 50s, donkeys were used to transport coffee.

In 1860 sugar cane has almost replaced coffee, and only two coffee plantations in Kona and Hamakua remained. Agreement between U.S. and Hawaii gave great benefits in favor of sugar cane. Coffee production was only for local population. Because of a sad state on the coffee market, the German owner of a large coffee plantation, WW Brunner, divided his plantation into a few small parcels of 5-15 acres, so that families could handle a parcel themselves.

That is how the development of private small family coffee business began. Most of the business owners were Japanese, who had the privilege to immigrate to Hawaii. They grew, harvested, and processed coffee by themselves. In the 1890s, a rise in prices for coffee in the world market encouraged American and European investors to invest in the development of the Kona coffee plantations.

Since then, a boom for the Kona coffee began. The First World War in 1914 and the second world war in 1940 makes coffee to rise in price, because the army is buying coffee for the soldiers. To control the rise in prices the U.S. government makes a price ceiling for coffee. After the war, prices for coffee continue to rise all over the globe over the next few years. Strong global demand for coffee is rapidly increasing world market prices, and Kona coffee soars in price.

In the 1990s, despite the high price of Kona coffee many coffee farmers are forced to diversify their production. Donkeys, known as "Kona Nightingales", were replaced by jeeps. In 1994 because of drought harvests were very poor and farms suffered from heavy losses in that year. And, in 1994, Kona coffee was like a drop in the ocean of global production of coffee.

In 1996 Hawaii remains the only U.S. producer of coffee, and Kona coffee remains a uniquely rare. More than 600 coffee farms in Kona occupy from 2 to 3 acres of land. Especially for coffee gourmets, the market continues to prosper, and the high demand for Kona coffee encourages farmers to produce high-quality coffee.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Most Favored Hawaii Hotels

Planning for vacation in Hawaii? You must then have your stay in one of the finest Hawaii hotels. In Hawaii, there are many hotels that are great, but some hotels are there, which are very well-known and are foremost fascinations, due to being simply magnificent. They offer their guests the best luxuries and services that they love. Prior to start looking for vacation packages, you must get to know what Hawaii hotels can be considered checking in to.

To choose one from the long list of hotels in Hawaii is certainly a tough task, so you can narrow down the list. Grand Hyatt; why would you think about choosing this one? This is one of the finest and most outstanding hotels out there. Services offered by Grand Hyatt are first-rate and this is praised by many people, because they are excellent in giving their guests "being at home" sort of feeling. It is an expensive hotel, but the vacation packages that they offer do cover a lot of things, so you won't repent on your decision.

In case, you want a hotel with an enormous standing and class with a high magnificence scoring, you must then get to know more of Grand Wailea Resort. Gorgeous swimming pools and comfy hot tubs are just some of the luxuries that they provide. The hotel's inside is luxuriantly ornamented by some known and greatest painter's works, for instance; Picasso and Andy Warhol. This is certain to hypnotize the visitors of this paradise. Spa offered by them is not only best in Hawaii, it is best in whole world. This is a high class hotel and even the vacation packages that they have are pretty costly.

Then comes Four Seasons hotel located in Hualalai. This hotel is the best option for couples. From the pools this hotel has, a romantic and amusing sunset can be enjoyed. This hotel is famous for bringing its guests nearer to nature. Not extremely expensive, and with the vacation packages that they offer, middle class too can enjoy the facilities offered at this hotel.

At this point, when you have gotten to know about some of the finest hotels in Hawaii, the next would be to know what you really are looking for and plan your holidays accordingly. There are lots of vacations packages offered by tour operators that comprise these hotels so you should do some more search to find the best option.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hiking Hawaii - The Perfect Way in Which to Experience the Islands

When my girlfriend and I were making plans for our first trip to Hawaii we faced many of the same questions most travelers do. How many islands should we visit? Which islands do we go to? What sights and attractions do we partake in? How about beaches??

It occurred to us that most travelers, at least those that we were acquainted with went to Maui or Oahu, or both. Touring Honolulu, attending a luau, visiting Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center along with Diamond Head and Waikiki became part of our agenda as I am certain it has been for many.

Well, we have now visited the Islands twice and although we eventually saw Diamond Head and spent some time on Waikiki we have yet to attend a luau and have not seen Pearl Harbor or the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Shortly before finalizing our trip, I starting thinking what might be the best way to truly experience the islands and their natural beauty. I then came up with the idea of hiking, did a great deal of research on the internet and eventually purchased The Hikers Guide to the Hawaiian Islands by Stuart M. Ball, which I highly recommend.

Although my girlfriend and I are in good physical shape; we work out, lift weights and love to walk; we have never actually went hiking. I was over fifty and her fast approaching. One of the many things that appealed to me about hiking the islands was the lack of dangerous wildlife. There are no bears or poisonous snakes or the like. So we felt comfortable going off on our own and exploring the beauty that Hawaii had to offer.

We took a 360 degree turn and planned our trip to Kauai and Hawaii (We would return the following year and hike Maui and Oahu) bought some good hiking shoes, a backpack, some rain ponchos, bug repellent, packed our cameras and off we went.

A few tips I might share from our experience. Depending on where you are staying, you may have to drive a considerable distance to the trail head. We drove anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 ½ hours to reach our destination. We started out early each morning, usually by 5:30 so there was very little traffic and we had the trails almost entirely to ourselves (We would take ten hikes, two of which we never saw another sole) Bring a sweatshirt, it is cool in the morning. I found a walking stick to be incredibly helpful due to the uneven terrain and the continuous climbs and descents. Maybe it was because of the time we went out, but bugs were never a problem for us.

The ten hikes we ending up taking (three each on Kauai, Maui and Hawaii; one on Oahu) were all between 4 and 6.8 miles with elevation gains between 500 and 1600 feet and were regarded as novice to intermediate in degree of difficulty. The following were our five favorites.

5) Pipiwai Trail, Maui - Often referred to as the Oheo Gulch trail. Anyone embarking on a vacation to Maui should experience the Road to Hana. It is regarded as one of Hawaii's must see attractions and is rated #2 on America's list of most scenic drives. One must travel the Hana Highway to reach the Pipiwai trail, there is no other means. The distance itself is less than 60 miles, but with it's approximately 600 hair pin turns and 60 one way bridges it took nearly 3½ to drive without stopping. It was close to an additional hour drive past the town of Hana to the trail head.

The hike itself is a very relaxing one, with an easily traveled and well maintained trail. The elevation gains are minimal and the distance (4 miles round trip) is very manageable and depending upon how much time you spend looking at the sights, can be completed in two hours.

You will walk along side and across two bridges along the Seven Sacred Pools. The only other couple that we saw on this hike was swimming when we approached them. There is a bamboo forest that towers a hundred feet or more into the sky almost blocking out all sunlight and the trail eventually ends at the 400 foot Waimoku Falls where we found to be the perfect place to have lunch. You will need to cross the stream to reach this point. Purchase a cheap pair of water shoes to make the crossing.

4) Kilauea Iki, Hawaii - Located in Hawaii Volcano National Park, this trail is a four mile loop with a maximum elevation gain of 400 feet. It begins and ends in a beautiful rain forest which is so peaceful and tranquil you never want to leave. The trail is very well maintained and the variety of unique trees that you will not see any where else was a highlight of this hike. That is of course until you complete your decline to the Kilauea Crater.

This hike will take you across the crater covered in lava over 400 feet thick. You will pass dozens of active steam vents as you cross the rough terrain. You will see a great deal of new growth as it tries to emerge through the cracks in the lava and you can not help but think of what it was like back in 1959 when Kilauea erupted spewing lave almost 2,000 feet in the air.

3) Awaawapuhi Trail, Kauai - located in Kokee State Park, this was the most physically demanding of all of the hikes we took. At 6½ miles with an elevation gain of 1,600 feet we were thoroughly exhausted when we were finished. Of course this was our third day of hiking in a row, so that may have had something to do with it. Like most of the trails we hiked, this one was very easy to follow. It starts off heavily wooded and along the way becomes less dense and much drier in landscape. The highlight of this hike is when you reach the Nualolo Cliffs. The view from here is utterly amazing; sheer cliffs with some of the most interesting rock formations imaginable and nothing but the beautiful blue Pacific behind it all. There is a picnic table making it the perfect place to stop for lunch and enjoy the view before heading out for your return trip.

We did not really notice the 1600 foot elevation difference while reaching this spot, but you better believe we noticed it on the return. Be prepared, although very gradual (You have over three miles to traverse this elevation) it proves to be very grueling at times. For us it almost seemed as if we would never find the trail head and when we finally did, we sat in the car exhausted, but glad we did it.

2) Waipoo Falls (Waimea Canyon), Kauai - There are several hikes in the Waimea Canyon area, this one takes you to the top of the Canyon. It starts off on what appears to be a service road, eventually turns into a very well maintained path and includes a fairly easy to navigate rocky climb towards the end. (Here is where a walking stick comes into play) The distance like so many of the hikes is four miles and although you will find yourself at an elevation of nearly 3500 feet, must of this was covered during the ride up to the trail head. You only end up climbing a little over 500 feet.

The views of the Canyon from up top are remarkable. The different hues of green, red and brown in the Canyon walls can be seen forever. You want to keep taking picture after picture and that is pretty much what we did.

For me, the most pleasant of all the hikes.

1) Kalalau Trail - The trail everyone talks about and movies have been made of. The entire Kalalau trail is 22 miles in and out and you need to acquire a camping permit in order to complete. There are two days hikes that can be taken along the trail as well. The eight mile hike to Hanakapiai Falls or the most commonly traveled 4 mile hike to Hanakapiai Beach which is the hike we took.

Even the four mile hike can be challenging to most. The terrain is very muddy and rocking and you must account for your footing at all times. You begin to climb immediately through lush tropical vegetation. To your left are the sheer cliffs, to your right, a sudden drop to the Pacific Ocean. Although not to be taken lightly, it is not as dangerous as it might seem. I am not completely comfortable with heights, but felt confident on this hike. Once you travel a distance of about one mile and reach an altitude of several hundred feet the first views of the Napali Coast become visible and this alone is worth the entire trip.

You will eventually descend into the valley and reach your destination, Hanakaiai Beach. You must cross a narrow, but fast moving stream in order to reach the beach. Although tempting, swimming is not advisable as evidenced by the sign which totaled 87 people had since drowned at the time when we were there. Watching the waves, it was not only awe inspiring, but quite obvious why swimming was not advised.

Unlike most of the other hikes, this one can get very crowded. Even though we set out very early as we did each morning and saw only one or two people on our way to the beach, we must have passed hundreds on our way out.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Hawaii Vacations: Jw Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa is one of the classiest, best Oahu resorts for Hawaii vacations, as proven by its 6/6 golden apples rating from Apple vacations, the top score given to a hotel. And this Oahu resort is also a “Value Plus” location, meaning that it is a better deal than similar hotels. If you are seeking a place with marvelous views on your Hawaii vacation, then you will enjoy the panoramic scene from the JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa of the blue Pacific, tranquil lagoons, and saltwater ponds.

About JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa

Located on the western shore of Oahu, JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa offers guests a short walk down to the pristine beach sands and warm ocean waters. The resort is also only 40 minutes from Waikiki and 25 minutes from the airport, so you get all the luxuries of tropical Hawaii vacations without sacrificing the ability to go shopping or sit down for dinner at one of Oahu’s excellent restaurants.

JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa has two outdoor pools, as well as separate whirlpools. And the nearby Poolside Grill allows easy access to snacks, sandwiches, and delicious tropical drinks.

Things to Do in Oahu

There are plenty of activities, both physical and relaxing, if you are looking for things to do in Oahu at JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa.

First of all, the “spa” in the name is there for a reason guests can enjoy the entire package of steam room, mani/pedis, and facials, and there is even special dining for spa guests.

For golf enthusiasts, the JW Marriott includes on-site golfing at the Ko Olina golf course designed by Ted Robinson. This golf resort’s 18-hole championship course winds through cascading waterfalls and Oahu’s picturesque terrain.

In addition, there is a jogging trail, 6 tennis courts, and a 17-story glass domed atrium.

Dining Options

There are seven restaurants at JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa. Besides the Poolside Grill and spa Dining, there is also the Hokulea, with sandwiches, salads, drinks. Azul specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Espresso CafĂ©’s name says it all. Naupaka Terrace serves Hawaiian cuisine and island specials with a Saturday Night Seafood Buffet. Finally, Ushio-Tie offers traditional Japanese fare.

No matter your tastes, you will not regret your choice of Oahu resort when left dumbstruck by the incredible views, services, and activities at JW Marriott Ihilani resort & spa